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Silistra is a port city in the far northeast of Bulgaria, lying on the southern bank of the lower Danube at the countrys border with Romania. Silistra is the administrative centre of the Silistra Province and one of the important cities of the historical region of Southern Dobrudzha. Silistra is a major cultural, industrial, transportation, and educational center of northeastern Bulgaria. There are many historical landmarks including a Roman tomb, remains of the Medieval fortress, an Ottoman fort, and an art gallery. The name Silistra is possibly derived from the root of the old Thracian name of the lower part of the Danube "Istrum." By another theory, the citys name comes from the Latin words "silo" and "stra", meaning "awl" and "strategy". Also, theRomanian version of its name, Darstor is considered to have given the name of Dristor, a neighborhood in Bucharestwhich was at that time placed on the road to Silistra. Silistra is in the northeastern part of Bulgaria on the right bank of the Danube River. It is located in the Bulgarian part ofDobrudzha. The municipality of Silistra covers an area of 516 km2 and includes the city and 18 villages. The area of the city-proper is 27.159 km2. Silistra is 431 km from Sofia, capital of Bulgaria, 141 km from Varna, and 119 km from Ruse.


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